Football for Development Program

Forza Football Mission
We will make the world of football a better place, and available for everyone.

Our Academy takes this mission and drives forward in Cambodia to use football as a platform for change.

The Forza Development Program, or the Football for Development Program is our newest initiative where we want to use the industry of football to improve the life skills of those young adults most affected by Covid-19.

Core Values
Our team is diverse, inclusive and passionate. Were connected by our passions for technology and football. Diversity empowers us to get unique perspectives on football and its development. To reach every football fan in the world we need a team to reflect that. Were constantly working on creating an environment where everyone feels included and that every voice is heard.


Our Pledge

“Through football, we pledge to provide the youth of Cambodia a more comprehensive and relevant education program that will explore a wider range of topics giving Young people a better understanding of the world around them and how they can shape their own futures”

What problem do we hope to solve?

Thirty years after the end of the civil war, Cambodia is once again fighting, alongside the rest of the world, to limit the impact caused by the Global Pandemic. Here in Cambodia a whole generation of young high school graduates and college students have been forced to leave their education behind and find work to help support themselves and their families. After decades of forward movement Cambodia is once again at a crossroads with many young adults facing an uncertain future.

In 2019, before the pandemic hit, 68% of high school students graduated from High School. That was an estimated 79,000 students across the country. In 2020 with ALL grade 12 students given automatic passes it is estimated that is another 122,000 students.

201,000 graduates alone are looking for the next step to take in their life. When we add to that the estimated number of young adults who dropped out of university or were forced to leave education programs or internships behind the numbers rise steadily towards 500,000.

Our Concept

You can download our PDF explaining the concept and all details about the Football for Development Program below.