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We build and design the future of football tech

To us innovation is finding new ways to connect with football and solving problems for football fans is what drives us. We’re taking inspiration from football at the highest level to the grassroots game.

We bring together all types of skills and apply it to football, from our artists to our software engineers and our content creators.

Our team is diverse, inclusive and passionate

We’re connected by our passions for technology and football.

Diversity empowers us to get unique perspectives on football and product development. To reach every football fan in the world we need a team to reflect that. However we’re far from done.

We still have work to do on our team to truly create a cross-section of football fans around the world. We’re onstantly working on creating a work environment where everyone feels included and that every voice is heard.

We’restriving for this not simply for the sake of it, but because we believe that is how you create a winning team.

What we do

We want to make the world of football a better place, and available for everyone.

Our mission

We want to make the world of football a better place, and available for everyone. But what does that mean?

We want to get access to all the worlds football matches for every single fan in the world. We also want to help bring about an end to both racism and homophobia in football.

We will work for equality and human rights, against corruption and injustices and empower fans by hearing and spreading their opinions. We’ll provide the youth worldwide with a supportive environment where they keep growing. We will also be role models as a transparent and open company.

Work hard, be passionate and have fun