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Our mission

We want to make the world of football a better place, and available for everyone.

A better football world for us is:

  • One where the availability of football is equal no matter socioeconomic background
  • One where men and women have equal opportunities
  • One where players and fans are not subject to racial abuse
  • One where players are not suppressed into hiding their sexual identities
  • One where the governing bodies are democratically governed without corruption

Our work

So what have we done so far? We have shone a light on problem areas within the game via big international surveys in Forza Football. Weve found out how our users feel about racism and homophobia in football as well as asking if they have trust in FIFA and its leaders. Read more here.

We have worked with Transparency International, Stonewall and Kick It Out and we will continue to team up with powerful organisations who share our values.

Our focus

Right now our main focus is on gender equality; we want to offer the same excellent level of coverage for womens football that we do for mens football.

Because football is football! Women and men deserve to be treated the same way. We are also making this huge effort because we feel there is a desperate need for a source which compiles information about women’s football from all over the world.